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What is License Key?

License keys for people who sell software. Automatically generate license keys according to purchases, which can verify through their app.

Prepare the Product to Get the License Key

To prepare the product, you can follow some steps here:

1. Log in to

2. Click Posts menu > Create New Post, then choose the type of digital product.

3. Fill in the product fields, then check the Generate license to add a license to your product. It’ll generate if there is a purchase.

The License Key Journey

  1. Create a Digital post and click “Generate License.”
  2. The customer will receive an email about the purchase and a license key.
  3. They run the app and enters the license key.
  4. The app responds from UTAS and gets license information (status, product name, product description).
  5. The app checks using its algorithm to check whether the license is valid or not.

Verifying a License Key in Your Application

Verifying a license key used:

  1. Guid (unique identity for each product)
  2. License (license key provided by your customer)
  3. Access token (your access token store)


Each product has a different and unique guide. We use this parameter to call the UTAS API and verify the provided license.

Here are some steps to get the guid for license:

1. Under the product title, click the View Guid option to view the guid of each product.

2. Then copy the product guid as a parameter to call the UTAS API.

CURL Example

curl –location –request GET ‘{your_profile_name}/api/checklicense?guid={YOUR_PRODUCT_GUID}&license={YOUR_CUSTOMERS_LICENSE_KEY}&access_token={YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN}’

Response Example

“status”: true,
“product_name”: “tes digital”,
“product_description”: ” asdsad”

Generating an access token

The access token generates when creating a new profile. If the store does not have an access token, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Profile Settings > Click the integrations tab.
  2. Click reload button to get/reset the access token.
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