INTEGRATION : How To Connect Google Search Console with Utas

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Note : You can only use this feature once you’ve enabled Custom Domain.

To connect Google Search Console with Utas, kindly follow the steps below :

  1. When adding a new property in Google Search Console, please select this property type : URL prefix.
  2. Then, enter the URL in the form of a custom domain of your Utas profile. Example :

  3. Select HTML Tag as the verification method.
  4. Copy the meta tag code provided by Google Search Console.

  5. Log in to
  6. Click on the User menu on the left drop-down menu > Profile Settings.
  7. After that, click on the Integration tab.
  8. Paste the verification code in the Google Site Verification field.

  9. Click on the Save Changes button to save.
  10. Click OK on the success notification.
  11. Return to the Google Search Console dashboard, then click on the Verify button.

  12. Wait for the verification process.
  13. Finished.
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