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How To Create Your Text Consultation

Before using this feature, make sure your Utas account is already connected with your Google account. If it’s not yet connected, please connect it first. To do so, please learn here.

To create text consultation on Utas, kindly follow the steps below :

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Consultation on the left drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Text Consultation option.

    text consultation

  4. Write down the title of your consultation topic.
  5. Write down a description of your consultation topic in the Description field.
  6. Select the REPLY LIMITATION.
  7. Select the price of your consultation. There are 2 pricing options that you can choose.
    • Amount : select this option if the price you’re offering is fixed.
    • Allow customers to pay what they want : select this option if the price you’re offering is flexible. It means that potential buyers can choose 1 out of a maximum of 3 prices that you specify. Or if you enable the Enable Custom Amount option, they can provide their own price, of course the minimum limit is as you have set.

      In this tutorial we choose the Amount option (fixed price).
  8. Click on the Create button.
  9. Click OK on the success notification.
  10. Finished.

How To View The Created Consultation Topic

To view the consultation topics you’ve just created, kindly follow the steps below :

  1. Click on the Topics tab on the Consultations page.
  2. Click on the Text Consultations tab. The list of the created consultation topics is in the table on that tab.
  3. Finished.
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