Create a New Post : Opt-in Use HTML Form [PRO]

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Besides KIRIM.EMAIL form, you can also use other forms to post with this opt-in option. First, you need to copy the HTML code of the form, then paste it in the field provided by Utas.

Note: Available for Pro Account only.

Here are some steps to use the features:

1. Login to page.

2. Go to Posts menu > click Create New Post.

3. There is a pop up Create a New Post, then you can select the Opt-in option.

4. In the following pop-up, click the HTML form.

5. On the Create Post page, fill in the forms, such as Title, the Images you want to upload, write an excellent description, write the HTML form code, CTA, and edit short link. (For the HTML Form, you need to copy the HTML code of the form)..

6. Click ‘Save’ to save the settings before.


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