Utas Affiliate Program Terms And Conditions

Utas Affiliate Program is a program that allows you to earn commissions in cash dollars from every user that you recommend. 

Here are some terms and conditions apply to you to become an Affiliate in UTAS Affiliate Program. All of the affiliates are required to complete the agreement and remain in compliance with our terms. 

These terms contain everything you need to know to be a UTAS affiliate, including the resources, recommendations, and some legal stuff. By joining UTAS Affiliate Program, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions in UTAS.

The 2 Simple Steps To Become Our Affiliate

Email Footer

At each email footer, you will be given the option to insert the UTAS logo, which is directly connected to your affiliate link. It means that by only having one active account at UTAS, you have an opportunity to get an affiliate commission every time you send an email.

Affiliate Link

In every UTAS account you have, an affiliate link that you can use to recommend anyone to use UTAS is automatically available. First, you can log into your account at any time, then take an affiliate link, track your clicks and referrals here.

Anytime you need anything else or have questions, feel free to reach out to our team at support@UTAS

The 2 Special Conditions To Become Our Affiliate

  1. You must be an active customer of UTAS to become a UTAS affiliate.
  2. Whatever plan you buy in UTAS will make you an affiliate of UTAS.

How Much Commission Do You Get?

You will get a 20% commission based on the customer’s first purchase, which also applies to renewals.

What Promotional Methods Are Restricted?

  • Spamming. You are strictly restricted from conducting spam activities such as sending SMS or email without permission from the recipient. This action should not be done.
  • Giving Non-halal bonus. Giving non-halal bonuses to your potential users is a violation, and for the penalty, UTAS will remove you from the affiliate program.
  • Offering cashback. UTAS will delete your commission and remove you from the affiliate program if you offer cashback.
  • Using Facebook Ads. You are strictly restricted from using Facebook Ads to promote UTAS.
  • Using Google Ads. Only UTAS has the right to use Google Ads.
  • Using the keyword “KIRIM EMAIL” in the Search Ads of any traffic sources.
  • Using Landing Pages with the domain that resembles “UTAS”
  • Conducting the promotion on behalf of UTAS that can make the potential users get wrong perceptions, such as:
    • Make a social media account related to UTAS.
    • Make a fake social media account.
    • Send emails and use email signatures on behalf of Fikry Fatullah and UTAS.

What Promotional Methods Are NOT Restricted?

  • Using Facebook Group (with permission from the group admin)
  • Creating a blog or video review on YouTube, email marketing (of course, your email already has permission from the email owner), banners, etc.
  • Using landing pages with your own domain.
  • You are using UTAS as your subdomain.

How Do You Get A Commission?

  1. You must be a customer of UTAS.
  2. You will get commissions if you successfully recommend a person or company to use the UTAS service through your affiliate link.
  3. There must be a customer who is the customer of UTAS through your affiliate link.
  4. You will get commissions as long as the customer you recommend is ALWAYS active. In other words, if the customer is no longer active, you will not earn any more commissions.
  5. You will not get a commission if a customer’s membership you recommend expires or unsubscribes.
  6. Affiliate commission will be given to you who subscribe by making US dollars payments. However, we also accept payments via PayPal (PayPal transaction fees may apply).
  7. You will get a commission if you successfully recommend your users to purchase the UTAS Plan from you.

Who Can Be Affiliated?

Anyone who has no links with other affiliates in UTAS system can be affiliated.

What Do You Mean By This Link?

This link means users who have purchased any plan directly via your link and/or coupon will be marked as a result of your recommendation forever.

The link will end if the user who bought directly via your link and/or coupon expires. This means you must always have an active UTAS subscription.

If your affiliation expires, your link will be terminated.

What Are The Differences Between Links And Coupons?

  • Links and coupons are media for tagging/marking users of your affiliate results.
  • If a new user registers using your affiliate link and your coupon, that user will be marked as the result of your affiliate, and the commission will be yours.
  • If a new user registers using your affiliate link and OTHER AFFILIATE coupons, that user will be marked as your affiliate, BUT commissions become other’s affiliates.
  • If a new user registers without using your affiliate link but your coupon, that user will be marked as your affiliate result, and the commission will be yours.

What About Cookies?

  • Those who get commissions are the owners of the last clicked affiliate link or coupon used. So, for example, it could refer to the question above.
  • If the user registers without a coupon, the system will determine the affiliate who gets the commission through the cookies.
  • Affiliate links rely on cookies to track sales, so users cannot clear their cookies.
  • Cookies are valid for 90 days. If the users you recommend do not make purchase any plan of UTAS directly, but they still return to the UTAS page and purchase our plan within 90 days, then you are entitled to an affiliate commission from the sale.
  • You will continue to get a commission as long as your UTAS account is still active.
  • When one customer clicks on two different affiliate links, the first affiliate will get credit.

How Is The Commission Payment And Reporting?

Commission payments will be made with no minimum limit. So no matter how much commission you have, we’ll still pay it. And, for your information, we have a 30-day refund policy, so your commission will be paid every week on Monday after the 30-day refund period has passed. However, if the user you recommend decides to refund during the 30-day period of the refund policy, then we have the right to defer your commission.

All commissions are paid in US dollars and/or PayPal transactions. You are responsible for paying all applicable fees associated with the receiving payments, including (but not limited to) currency conversion fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, and check cashing fees.

To ensure proper payments, you are responsible for providing accurate contact and payment information through UTAS service.

Suppose you change the contact and payment information during the payment period. In that case, we will delay the payment until the next period when the data is available.

What Is The Split Payment/Installments?

  • Split payment is a payment method in 2/3 installments according to the agreement between UTAS and Customer.
  • If the customer decides to use the Split Payment method, all connections with the affiliate will be disconnected.
  • There is no affiliate commission for the customer that you recommend using a split payment.
  • The Split Payment method is a full payment, and you cannot use any coupons for discounts.
  • UTAS subjectively has the right to decide who can be accepted and rejected to use the Split Payment methods.

By conducting the affiliate promotion, UTAS believes that you have agreed to this UTAS affiliate terms. In the event of a violation, UTAS reserves the right to remove you from the affiliate.

The decision by UTAS cannot be contested.