Your Identity on the Internet​

80% of purchases happen because of buyer likes seller. So, if you are serious about selling, you must be liked by your potential buyers. Therefore, you need an identity on the internet.

Link To Anything

Now, you’re selling on Marketplace? Or on website? even by social media? Every way you choose to sell online, Utas will make it easier.

Accept Payment (Coming Soon)

Accept payment directly from your customer. Hassle-free and no complicated setup required.

Get Lead Data​​

Get your potential customer data by creating a form on your Utas profile. You don’t need an additional applications. You just need Utas.

Several tools put together, but you see it from a single dashboard

Online Store Platform (Coming Soon)

You no longer need to use a separate online store platform. Instead, use Utas to sell your products.

Push Notification

Send notifications directly to your customer’s browser. Use it to announce new products, latest promos, latest content, and more.

Instagram Schedule Post

You don’t have to pay for an extra app just to schedule posts on Instagram. Schedule it with Utas, definitely free.

Sales Dashboard

Sales dashboard can help you see how many orders, revenue, conversion rate, most popular products, and so on.

Account Statistics

Monitoring your Utas account data, by the number of visitors, the number of clicks, click-through rate, and others.

With Utas, any product sells much easier

Easy To Post

You can post directly by using Instagram Hastag

Order Form

Your customers just have to fill out a simple and easy order form​

Pinned Post​

Pin the most important posts, so can easily to find by your customer


You can set up vouchers for certain products to attract your costumers​

Mobile Responsive​

Profile display automatically follows the appearance of smartphones and tablets​

Discount Price

Helping you to promote certain products to increase sales​

Instagram Shopping​

Tag products directly on Instagram posts and Instagram stories​


Delegate the orders that come to all of your team gets a share of orders to handle

Stock Management​

Manage orders and manage product stock in one dashboard​

Boost Your Sales Now!

Boost your sales by taking advantage of all the content that you have on the internet!