Why Transaction Fees?

Our goal is to give you the best LTD deals, and we have to calculate every cost carefully to make the deals sustainable for years and keep your digital selling a seamless secure process.

Fully-Protected Digital Content

We always protect your videos, e-Books, and other digital content as secure as possible to avoid any piracy using secure resources.

Automated Product Delivery

We automate the product delivery to your customers using third-party tools integration so you can sell it with peace of mind.​

Paid Third-Party API Integration

Integration with third-party APIs costs us money, and we use several third-party APIs at once to make your product sales process smooth. Transaction fees charged are used to cover these costs.

What transaction charged with transaction fees?

Our transaction fee structure is simple. You’ll only be charged if your item below sells.

Digital Product

Digital product



Telegram Membership

Telegram Membership
(Coming Soon)

How much the transaction fees?


*We charge a fee of 2% ONLY for every successful transaction on Utas. But, the payment gateway (Stripe) charges an additional transaction fee outside Utas. Please refer to the transaction fee summary on your Utas dashboard and see the additional fee details from Stripe here.

How the transaction fees work?

We give you the freedom to choose whether to charge the transaction fees to yourself (as the seller) or the buyer. You can simply set all this up by following the simple instruction here.

What alternatives to get rid of the transaction fees?

You can always link your sales process to any checkout page or landing page you want outside Utas using the direct-link feature to make you free from the transaction fees. Simply follow the instruction here.

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