Last modified: February 20, 2023
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If you have posted some content on another channel, you can import the content to Utas by using the Auto-Post feature. This feature allows you to automatically post the content to your account without posting it one-by-one. The posts will be imported to your account by the system, so you do not need to add it one by one. Plus, your new post in the linked channel will be automatically posted on your Utas profile. 

Set Auto-Post Feature

To use the Auto-Post feature, here are the steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Posts menu
  3. In the Posts page, select the Settings tab
  4. Go to the Auto Post tab.
  1. Choose a Source Type in the Preview & Add Integration section. There are some options for Source Type, they are:
    • Youtube
    • Blog
    • Podcast.
  2. Insert the URL from your RSS Feed blog or podcast into the URL Field. Specific to the YouTube source type, you can insert your YouTube ID Channel
  3. Click the Check button to validate your URL. After that, you will see the preview of your last content displayed below the bar.
  4. To import the content, click the Add button.
  1. Tap OK on the success notification.
  2. Next, you can view the status of the RSS Feed or Channel that has been added in the SOURCE INTEGRATION section.
  3. The process takes some time, depending on how much content is imported. Please wait a while, then reload the page until the status changes to Complete. You can see the result by visiting your Utas Profile.
  1. To add another source type, please repeat steps 5-8
  2. Finish.
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