Last modified: March 7, 2023
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To use this feature, make sure you’ve made at least one digital product in Utas.

The Funnel feature attracts potential customers through a series of offer and leads them to buy more. Here are steps to use the Funnel feature in Utas: 

  1. Log in to app.utas.co.
  2. Click the Funnel menu.

  3. Click the Create New Funnel button.

  4. You can set some elements on this page. They are:
    • Funnel Name: type your funnel Name on the blank field (required).
    • Funnel Trigger: set the Trigger for your funnel by selecting one of the products listed in the drop-down bar (required).


      In this section, you will find the Order Bump option (optional).
      If you activate it, you can give additional offers for the trigger product you’ve set.
      For example, If you select “Book A” as the trigger product, you can offer “Gift Wrapping Service” for the order bump.
      To use this option, set the Add order bump button ON, then fill in your Title, Description, and Price on the given field.

    • Additional Product Offering: Other than Order Bump, you can also set offerings for another product when the customer checkout the Funnel Trigger. Click the button to activate the Additional Product Offering option, then fill in the form.

      After filling in the form, you will find a Call to Action section. If you select Finish, the order will be processed to the resume. But, if you choose the Next Offer, you must fill in an offer form which is similar with the last step.

    • Follow-up: This is the last part. Its purpose is to follow up with the customers, including email or retargeting. If you want to send a follow-up email, you can connect your KIRIM.EMAIL automation with your Utas account. Or else, if you’re going to do retargeting to Facebook or TikTok, input the pixel code from the platform into the field.

  5. Next, click the Save button. 
  6. Click OK on the notification.
  7. Finish.
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