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What is a License Key?

The license key is a data string that verifies authorized software product access. It is a kind of security tool used by creators who sell software. License keys will be automatically generated according to the purchase verified by creators through their application. 

Preparing Product to Get License Key

Here are the steps to generate the product license keys:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Produtcs menu.
  3. Click the Product tab.
  4. Click the New Product button and select the Digital product.
  5. Fill in the blank field, then check the Generate license checkbox to add a license to your product. The license will be automatically generated on every purchase. 
  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Click the OK button on success notification.
  3. Done.

The License Key Journey

  1. Make a digital post and check the Generate License checkbox. 
  2. The buyer will receive an email about the purchase and the license key. 
  3. The buyer runs your application and enters the license key in the given field in the app.
  4. Your application gets a response from Utas and receives license information (status, product name, product description).
  5. Your application checks the license validity with its algorithm. 

Verifying a License Key

We verify a license key in your application using these parameters: 

  1. Guid (Globally Unique Identifier, identity for digital product).
  2. License (license key from your buyer).
  3. Access_token (access token for your store).


Every product has a unique and different GUID to identify within the system. We use this parameter to retrieve Utas API and verify the license provided.

To get the Product GUID, do as follows: 

1. Click the View Guid option below on Action colomn to see each GUID product. 

2. Copy the product GUID as a parameter to retrieve Utas API.

cURL example

curl –location –request POST ‘{your_profile_name}/api/checklicense’ \

–header ‘access-token: {YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN}’ \

–form ‘guid=”{YOUR_PRODUCT_GUID}”‘ \

–form ‘license=”{YOUR_CUSTOMERS_LICENSE_KEY}”‘

Example response


    “status”: true,

    “product_name”: “tes digital”,

    “product_description”: ” asdsad”


Generating an Access Token

An access token will be automatically generated once you make a new profile. If the store does not have the access token yet, please do the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Integration menu.
  2. Select the Others tab.
  3. Click the reload button to generate/reset Access Token.
Access token license keys
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