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Last modified: March 7, 2023
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Now you can get order notifications on Telegram when the order arrives at your Utas account. Follow some steps here to set the order notification.

  1. Create a new Telegram channel (specific channel to get order notification) and use the Channel ID.
  2. Enter Telegram ID to the Utas application.
  3. Add bot as administrator.

Create a new Telegram channel (specific channel to get order notification)

Before doing the order notification settings, make sure you have a Telegram channel to receive notifications. If it doesn’t exist, please create the new one with public status.

After that, you can use the Telegram ID Channel in your Utas account. For example, your channel link is t.me/ordernotification then the Telegram Channel ID is ordernotification.

How to Add Telegram Channel In Utas

Untuk menambahkan channel Telegram ID di aplikasi Utas, silakan ikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini :

1. Log in to app.utas.co.

2. Click Store Menu > click Store Info tab.

3. In the Customer service Information, write your Telegram channel ID

4. Last, don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

Add Bot as Telegram Channel Administrator

After adding the telegram channel ID in Utas, you can add the bot as administrator. Follow some steps below to add the bot as administrator:

1. Go to your Telegram channel settings > click Administrator menu.

2. Then click Add Admin

3. After that, search @utasco_bot and click that bot.

4. Define Admin Rights and checklist.

5. Bot successfully add as an Admin.


After you have done the three steps above, an order notification will automatically appear on Telegram.

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