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Last modified: March 1, 2023
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To set the Profile Settings section, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Login to
  2. Make sure you are at Home menu.


Avatars can also be called profile photos. If you haven’t uploaded your avatar yet, the first 2 characters of your Display Name will be visible.

To upload your avatar, just click Change Avatar in the Avatar Profile section and select the image you want. Wait a few moments for the upload process. Once done click the Save button to save.

Profile and Display Name

The profile name is the part that will be the URL of your profile. This URL is unique which is later used to access your Utas profile. Therefore, if you have a brand, you should immediately use this profile name.

If you fill in the profile name field with “lumpia” then your URL becomes

The display name is the name that will appear on your Utas profile. The display name is not unique, so you can fill it with any word. When finished writing it please click the Save button to save.


The bio is the section for writing a description of your Utas profile. To activate the bio on the Utas profile, it is very easy. Just click the switch button until the words ON appear.

Once the Bio is active, immediately write your Utas profile description in the field provided.

Click the Save Changes button to save. Now your Utas profile has changed to what you wrote.


ust like enabling bio to disable bio is very easy. Just click the switch button until it says OFF. Thus the Bio section will not appear in your Utas profile. Finish.

Hide Utas Logo

In the Hide Utas Logo section there are only 2 options: Yes or No. If you choose Yes then all the Utas logo in your post will disappear. However if you choose No, then the Utas logo will remain.

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