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Last modified: March 2, 2023
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In Utas, you can change the themes and layout to make it look different from the others. To change the theme settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Home menu.
  3. Click the Drop Down Triangle in the Theme & Layout section.
  4. In the Colors Section, Choose the color to change the theme colors.
  5. In the Layouts section. Select 1 of 4 available layout designs. There are four available layout designs include:
    • Default.
    • Gallery
    • Microsite.
    • Store.
  6. In the Background Section, select 1 of 10 available backgrounds. Select None if you don’t want to use a background.
  7. To make your text more legible, activate the Text White option.
  8. You can also use your Background by selecting Your Background Section.
  9. You can see the changes in the Preview Section.
  10. Click the Save Button to save your Utas theme settings.
  11. Click OK in the pop-up notification.
  12. Done.

the result of Theme Settings

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