Push Notification

Utas has Push Notification features. These features will help you send a notification message to your subscriber through a desktop or mobile device.

What is push notification?

Push Notification is a message that pops up on a desktop or mobile device. You can send your subscribers at any time. The Subscribers don’t have to be in the app to receive this notification. You can do many things, such as announce new products, content, discount, etc.

The advantages of push notification

  • The simple way of working. The subscribers only need one click—no need to fill out the form and provide the email address.
  • Increase engagement. Push notifications have a much higher open rate than other forms.
  • Enhance the user experience.

The disadvantages of push notification

  • Users need to pay an extra cost for these features.
  • Some subscribers will think that the notification is spam.
  • There are some browsers do not support push notification.

The browser does not support push notifications


  • Push notification does not work in Incognito/Private Mode.
  • Push notification does not support browser on the app.