INTEGRATION : How to connect Utas to Facebook (Instagram)

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How to connect Utas to Facebook (Instagram)

To connect Utas with Facebook or Instagram, you can follow some steps here:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Profile Settings menu, then choose the Integration tab.
  3. In the SOCIAL MEDIA section, click the Sign in with Facebook button.
  4. On the permission pop-up Facebook, click the Edit Settings button.
  5. You can click ‘Select all (Recommendation)’ on existing Instagram Business accounts. But if you only want one account, so choose one Instagram Business account. 
  6. Click Next, and you can click all Pages (recommendations) or Pages that you want to be associated with Utas.
  7. Click Next, then choose ‘Yes’ on permissions.
  8. The last, click done and OK.

Now your Utas Account is connected to all the Instagram accounts you have.

Selecting the Instagram account to connect with Utas (if you have multiple accounts)

  1. Go to the profile settings page, then click the Integration tab.
  2. In the SOCIAL MEDIA section, select the page you want to integrate with Utas.
  3. Click the Save Changes button. Then click OK on the success notification.
  4. Done.
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