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Posts Management

After you create a new post, there are some ways below to improve a post :

  1. Edit.
  2. Duplicate.
  3. Share.
  4. Delete.
  5. View.
  6. Pin.

Edit Post

  1. After you have successfully create a new post, you will find several options that appear under the description of your post name, one of them is edit.
  2. Then, pressing the edit button, the box that you have fill in, it will appear to your screen again, and you can edit the post whatever you want.
  3. You can edit the name, shown the price, change the description, add a CTA, etc.
  4. After you think it’s enough to edit a few things, don’t forget to press the save button.
  5. Then, you will return to your post, with some of the edit you have made.


Still in management post, now you will be directed to how to duplicate posts:

  1. The first, you will find duplicate button under your post name description. Then, click the duplicate button
  2. After click the button, the pop up that will be appear is “success post duplicate” then press ok
  3. After that, the several boxes as you have fill in before will be appear again, with the addition name “copy” in a post name
  4. You can add images and hide the price if you want.
  5. Don’t forget to write a feed description with the addition of “duplicates”
  6. also you can add the “duplicate” at the description that will appear on your profile
  7. After all is done, you can immediately save the changes.
  8. And when you return to your Utas page, there are 2 posts that you have made, with the addition of the description you have written.


  1. The first, you can click the share button under the name of your post
  2. After click the share button, there will be a pop up containing 2 options, product link and direct checkout. You can directly click the copy link belonging to the product link.
  3. Then, you can go to your Facebook page or your social media accounts, create a post with the link you have copied before.
  4. After you paste the link, it will show your Utas account profile.


  1. If you want to delete a post, you can directly press the delete button under the name of your post.
  2. After click it, there will be a pop up asking you about deleting the post. If you are sure, you can click yes, delete it, if you are not sure you can click the cancel option.
  3. After click yes, delete it then the post will disappear. And you can’t find it on the main page of your Utas account.\


  1. In this option, you can click the views button.
  2. After that, you will see your post in detail. Starting from, what pictures you have been posted, also the price if it shown, along with other options.


  1. The first thing, to pin a post you can click the pin option, which is under the name of your post
  2. Then, if successful, a pin sign will appear next to the name of your post.
  3. And if you open it in more detail, then on the main page of your Utas, the post will have a pin mark on the image.
  4. You can also unpin, by click the unpin button under the name of your post.
  5. Then, the pin sign in the name and image of your post will disappear.
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