Communication : How to Activate and Use the Push Notification Feature

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How to Activate Push Notification Features

Before using the feature, you must activate it first. Follow some steps below to activate push notification features:

  1. Login to
  2. Click the small arrow and choose the Profile Settings menu.

  3. Click the Contact tab and scroll down until you find the Push Notifications section.
  4. Activate the feature by switching the button, then click the save change button.

  5. And, push notification features is active now.

How to Use Push Notification Features

  1. After you activate the features, click the Communication menu.
  2. The click Push Notification Tab.

  3. Click Create Notification button.

  4. Enter the notification message you want to send.
  5. Next, Select your post. Then, click Publish Now.
  6. In the Send section, leave it if you want to send push notifications immediately. But if you want to schedule it, please click the calendar icon then choose when you will send it.

  7. And, your customer will get your notification.
  8. Done.
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