If you use the consultation feature on Utas, there are terms and conditions that you must understand and follow regarding withdrawal and refund of funds. The terms and conditions are as follows:

Withdrawal Policy for Utas Consultation

After your Utas account is active, we recommend that you (as the admin) immediately create a Paypal or Stripe account to facilitate the withdrawal process.

Withdrawal of funds is not done automatically by the Utas system. You need to manually withdraw funds from the Stripe or Paypal dashboard page.

If you use the Consultation feature on Utas, there are terms and conditions that you must understand regarding fund withdrawal (settlement).

The settlement process to your account requires time and it depends on the policy of Stripe. The settlement requirements are as follows:

Email Consultation

  1. You have provided the first answer within a period of 2×24 hours.
  2. If within 2×24 hours (48 hours) since the Questioner submitted a consultation request to you, you do not provide a response, then the consultation will be canceled and the funds will be returned to the Questioner.
  3. The Refund Policy for the Questioner is in the next section on this page. The Questioner in the consultation is allowed to request a refund if:
    • The party providing the consultation does not provide a response within 2×24 hours.

Video Consultation

  1. For video consultations, the Questioner can make a manual refund to the Utas Support team for 1×24 hours after the agreed-upon date if the party providing the consultation is not present on the agreed-upon date.

Refund Policy for Consultation

Disclaimer : Utas is not responsible for the refund fees charged when the Questioner cancels or refunds the consultation fee, which is caused by the Consultant not providing a response within the time period specified by Utas.

  1. For email consultations, Refunds can be made automatically if the consultant does not reply to the paid consultation email within 2×24 hours.
  2. For email consultations, the Questioner cannot request a refund for consultations that have been replied to by the Consultant.
  3. For video consultations, refunds cannot be made if the complaint deadline has passed.
  4. The refund process will incur a fee equal to the respective payment channel fee.
  5. The payment channel fee charged at the beginning of the transaction cannot be refunded. Learn more about channel fees here.
  6. Refunds will only be made through Stripe or Paypal.
  7. The refund process will be carried out personally by the Questioner through the automatic email sent from the Utas system.
  8. Utas is not responsible if there are input errors for the name or Stripe/Paypal account by the Questioner during the refund process.
  9. Before requesting a refund, the Questioner is allowed to report to Utas Customer Support if the Consultant has not responded within 3 days after the consultation transaction is successful.
  10. This refund policy for consultation officially takes effect from January 25, 2022.

These are the terms and conditions. Please take note of them. If you have any questions related to this, please contact us at support@utas.co.