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Last modified: March 2, 2023
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When you open the Utas Application, you will be directed to the menu or the Home page. You can view the display’s layout in the image below:

Utas Aplication Dashboard

Utas Application Dashboard: Main Layout 

At a glance, the Utas application dashboard is divided into 4 (four) columns. They are:

  1. Sidebar Menu. This sidebar enables app navigation and quick access to Utas’ main feature.
  2. Profile Settings. The column contains several ON/OFF bars and settings for a particular part to be displayed (or not) on your Utas Profile page. 
  3. Preview. it shows how your profile looks based on the Profile setting.
  4. User Menu. It contains advanced settings for your Utas Profile.

Home Menu Elements

There are 9 (nine) elements in this column. These elements will determine how your profile displays look like. They are:

  1. Profile Settings.
  2. Contact.
  3. Links.
  4. Consultation.
  5. Feed.
  6. Push Notification.
  7. Mailer.
  8. Store Info.
  9. Theme & Layout.

Profile Settings

Profile Setting is a section for organizing the main information of your Utas profile. Inside there are settings about the avatar, profile name, display name and also bio.

To do this section set up please see the guide here.


Contact is a setting where you can display the channels you connect with. There are 3 channels that we provide, namely: WhatsApp, email address and your work or home address.


Links is a feature to display all of your links on the profile page. It can be your social media link, affiliate link, website, etc. Your link will be displayed as a button. When visitors click the button, they will be redirected to the link addressed.

You can activate or deactivate the links to be displayed. You can also add up to 25 links to your profile. (Learn more about how to set Links)


The third bar is Consultation. You can decide whether to display or hide the Consultation button in your Utas profile. (Learn more about how to set Consultation)


Feed is a main part of Utas profile that displays your content and product. You can decide whether to show or hide the post on your profile page. (Learn more about how to set Feed) 

Push Notification (Pop-up/Opt-In)

Another feature of Utas is push notifications. You can decide whether to switch it OFF or ON by clicking the switch button. If you activate this feature, the visitors will get a pop-up message when visiting your profile page like this:

You can also set a customized message for the notification. (Learn more about how to set Push Notification).

Mailer (Form)

Mailer is a feature to save the email submitted by the subscribers when they click subscribe on the push notification. You can decide whether to switch it OFF or ON by clicking the switch button. (Learn more about how to use Mailer)

Store Info

The Store Info bar is a shortcut to the Store page. If you’ve never made or posted a product in Utas before, you will find a Set Up Store button on the box. 

But, if you’ve posted a product, you will find the Go to Store button. 

(Learn more about how to use the Store feature).

Theme & Layout

You can change your profile appearance in the Theme bar. When you click the drop-down arrow, you will find another 2 (two) settings: 

  • Colors: to change the color of the button and link in the profile. 
  • Layouts: to change the arrangement of elements in Utas profile.
  • Background : Section to specify the default thread background.
  • Custom Background : Section to define your own background.

To learn more about how to use it, click here.

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