How Utas can help you turn your followers into loyal customers


“It's more than about how you sell your stuff, it's about how you build relationships with your followers which in turn give you loyal customers.”
And here we’re unlocking a step-by-step journey of getting your followers turned into loyal customers only with Utas. So here we go!


Everything begins when someone is following you. And here are some things you can do only in Utas to start increasing your brand awareness. Let’s go!
Firstly, people might come into your profile account via

Utas Shortlink

It’s no longer about long links/URLs. You can always make it shorter to let your audience easily remember it.
Or get them attracted via

SEO Friendly Profile

Utas makes the UI/UX design better both user-friendly & SEO-friendly. You can always optimize the crawling process to be indexed quickly.
Next, they'll land smoothly on your profile


Utas helps you beautify the visual of your profile to make visitors feel at home & welcome. Several themes are also available, and you can always change your mine in no time.
Even you can make it more professional with

Custom Domain

Having a profile with your own domain makes it look more unique and professional in the eyes of customers.
So don't waste your profile visitors! Maximize them with

Social Media Paid Ads Pixel

You can easily install Meta Pixel in Utas. Simply enter your Pixel ID and retarget the Lookalike Audiences that visit your Utas profile.
Have multiple businesses/profiles? No worries! In Utas, you have

Multiple Profile Management

Utas helps you enrich & manage all your businesses in just one place. No need to create another account anymore. Simply manage everything right in one dashboard.


Well done! You’ve successfully got the awareness! Let’s now educate them about who you are, what you sell, what problems you can help with, etc. And let’s find out how Utas can help you out with these.
You can start everything from your


Collect all your content in one place and auto-post them to your Utas profiles using RSS etc. Let your profile visitors find your content easily in just one place, just like a simple catalog.
Then you can also go with

Instagram Scheduler

Create planned posts about everything you want to share on Instagram. Upload the content, set a schedule, and that’s all. Utas will auto-publish everything for you & make your followers see it on time.
And you can make


Attract your followers with lead magnet via forms and easily collect email databases of the interested ones. It’s directly integrated with KIRIM.EMAIL and other email marketing services.
What's more?

Pinned Post

Pin all important content you have at the very top that potentially brings in revenue for your business; never make them drown with your latest posts. Simply use this feature and let your followers find your essential posts on the very first scroll.


You can always build communications & relationships with all your customers on a regular basis via email. No need to subscribe to any email blast services or go in and out of the dashboard.

Push Notifications

Just like Mailer, Push Notification lets you send bulk messages in just one click. What’s different? Push notifications will go straight to your audiences’ browser, other than email.


It’s time to get people to reach your product! After they’re aware of who you are and what you sell, make them easily find your items. Let’s see how everything works for you.
What can you sell?

Digital Products

Create your digital product once, then sell it multiple times on Utas. Anti-piracy as Utas uses multiple layers of protection, from login to licensing.
Or perhaps offer

Software License

Sell any kind of software under a licensing system on Utas, it’s auto-generated and unique. Integrate an API provided directly with the software you create.
Don't have any products to sell? Don’t worry! Just sell your


You can easily monetize your free time by answering your audience’s questions online via video or text on Utas. It feels like talking with your loved ones.
You can also accept


Collecting donations with Utas is now easy, and you can get a complete recap of each of your donors’ data most importantly.

Paid Membership

It’s Coming Up Soon!


Now you’re about to thrive! What will you do? Make sure your customers purchase your product right away. And here’s how Utas can help you make it along the way.
Catch more customers interest by giving

Vouchers / Discounts

Creating unlimited & attractive vouchers for some or even all the products you sell is now easier. Get the heart of your customers with the best offer you have.
Or maybe by providing

Wholesale Prices

Just like vouchers, you may easily engage your customers with wholesale prices, simply set this all up in a couple of clicks.
Then make them easy to pay with

Payment Gateway (Stripe)

Every payment is made easy via the integrated Stripe. Easily disburse & withdraw your money after your customers make payment.
What’s next?

Up-selling/Cross-selling ( Coming soon )

Make your income opportunities even bigger by providing various offers at once.
And that all is made easier with

Order Notification via Telegram

Never miss out on every order coming in, even if you don’t open your email that often.
Or get faster & better notified using

WhatsApp Notifications ( Coming Soon )

Always get notified and closer to your customers every time an order comes in.
We also give you more conveniences of having

Forwarder Rotation

Utas simplifies every acquisition process throughout your sales team with the forwarder rotation. Delegate all incoming orders to all your team and get a share of orders to handle evenly.


Yes! You already have the customer. What’s next? You have to make sure they can get & enjoy your products in a seamless process. Let’s start this journey!


No need to run everything manually, Utas gives your customers a smooth onboarding with a complete guide sent automatically via email every time they make a purchase on your Utas profile.


Never make your customers work twice! Utas provides a link embedded in the email as a further guide for customers, making them access everything immediately without the hassle of opening the browser again & again.


Maybe the road is not always smooth, but it doesn’t mean a bad experience. You can always make your customers feel cared for if there’s any trouble when enjoying your product. And this is how Utas can deal with it.
Managing your business is much easier now with

Team Login

Unable to take care of everything yourself is really okay. Because Utas already prepares a login team for you where you can work together & set what your team’s limits are at work.
Even your team is already provided with

Live Chat Integration

Crisp and integrations make it easier for your customers to contact you about everything they need. Give them the best lifetime experiences.


Great for having you arrive at this stage! Congrats! From here, let’s engage your customers to purchase your product again and again. Selling to old customers is easier than selling to new ones, isn’t it? And this is how you can do it better with Utas.
Increase your customers loyalty first with

Schedule Post

Don’t make your loyal customers wait too long for your next content. Start creating new products and scheduling their posts quickly. Make your promotional agenda for your customers even better.
And don’t forget to activate

Vouchers & Discounts

No doubt for these ones. Give exclusive vouchers to your customers and get them excited to make repeat purchases from you.
or perhaps using

Product Bundling

Buy 2 get 1 free is often more interesting than just buying 1 product. And raising up the number of your transactions with that won’t disappoint you. Always try better things with Utas for better results.
Next, quickly inform your customers about the promos using


Easy broadcast to all your customer emails with just 1 click. Start broadcasting now with a free email & let’s see what comes next.
Or maybe via

Push Notification

Don’t make loyal customers miss each one of your updates! Sending auto-notifs right to their browsers will enhance the flow of your promotions.
More than that, you can also easily connect Utas with

Google Analytics

Start connecting your Utas with Google Analytics and better understand your visitors and customers from now.
Or it can also be with

Facebook Pixel

Do retarget and make your customers keep purchasing using data from the Meta Pixels you installed in Utas.


Here you are! It’s time to bring your brand to the next level with Utas! You may now turn your loyal customers into campaigners of how your product has perfectly met their needs so far. Let’s wrap it up!
You can start this amazing stage with

Customer Reviews

Always provide the best services to loyal customers and invite them to share their experiences with you.
And don’t forget to enable them

Share With Custom Shortlink

Just let them make it their way using the custom shortlink when your customers feel satisfied and want to recommend your products to others.
It doesn’t stop there! You can still maximize them with

Affiliate Feature ( Coming Soon )

Once you get them satisfied with your items, they’ll always love to be a part of your business and get more good things from you.

So what's now?

It's now your turn to get everything good & give the best experiences for your customers.

Turn your followers into loyal customers now with Utas!